Exhibition Flooring System

The New Visually Exciting Flooring System

This amazing new flooring system is a great way to add your branding or a bit of colour to your exhibition display, workplace area or showroom. This clever little system is made up of individual heavy duty plastic tiles, 50cm x 50cm in size which lock together to create a level, solid floor space. Each tile can contain an individual printed graphic such as a company logo or contain part of a large scale printed image providing your display with a funky, eyecatching mural. 

This flooring system is currently available for rental for your exhibition display schedule, it can also be purchased should you require a permanent flooring. You can provide us with the graphics you require and we will print them, or we can offer you a professional design service.

Exhibition event display banner and flooring
Exhibition floor tile with bespoke graphics
Exhibition floor tile with bespoke graphics
Exhibition flooring tiles with graphics

Graphic Floor Tile System

Each floor tile has been designed to accommodate any lose cables keeping them discreetly hidden. The graphics are printed on high gloss vinyl and inserted into a heavy duty, clear high impact Acrylic cover built into each tile. Once all tiles have been locked together the flooring is finished off with a tidy black edging, making it safe to walk on.

Exhibition flooring tiles with bespoke graphics
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